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Sheri Chakamian

Sheri Chakamian

Morgan Hill, Ca


Born and raised in Iran , moved to united states to pursue college.I began painting in my early years of college and decided to follow my interest. I received my Bachelor's degree in Fine Art with emphasis in printmaking. I continued to paint on the side and participate in several shows while earning my MBA and raising my family.
Over the last eighteen years I have been living in Morgan Hill, California and while raising a family, I have been operating my art studio: Sheri’s Art Studio. I teach drawing and painting to children of all ages My earlier work focuses on black and white in lithography, etching, and silkscreen, and it has given way to a stronger enunciation of colors in acrylic on canvas.
I am interested in the bond between a man and a woman, their physical attraction, and their passion and love. I couldn't find a better way to show this connection than dancing, where people feel free to show their feelings and emotions through intimate body movement. My paintings tell the story of people that transform their souls through dance to the passionate, free, and beautiful dancers. I am drawn to the beauty of my dancers that reflects from within and not their facial expressions. An Iranian poet once said: “the whole meaning of life is to connect with someone in a fundamental level; whether that person is now present and is in front of you or has lived many years before or might live many years after you…this essential connection is love and it is one that distinguishes life from death…”
To me love is an aesthetic act as it was to her. I am interested in that connection in its physicality. Something happens, a perplexing attraction is felt in a split second by a man and woman, and then, passion and movement follow. I find dance and dancing proper texture and context to show this. Emotions entangled in intimate movements of bodies. Soul thrusting forth from every joint of a body at once in control and subject to it, while transforming both the body and itself in the short silence between the notes. Looks and facial expressions are secondary to me. I take and collect pictures of dancers and people all the time. I paint the ones that capture the emotion, the exuberance, the beauty and sensual presence of that connection.



Fire of Life Flamenco by Sheri Chakamian


Silver Oak of Napa Valley and Grape by Sheri Chakamian


Argentine Tango by Sheri Chakamian


Flamenco Dancer in White Dress by Sheri Chakamian


Flamenco dancer in green dress by Sheri Chakamian


Caymus Opus one Silver Oak by Sheri Chakamian


Wine Bar by Sheri Chakamian


Opus one by Sheri Chakamian


The fight is Won by Sheri Chakamian


Dancing Legs by Sheri Chakamian


Poetry in Motion by Sheri Sharareh Chakamian


Tango by Sheri Chakamian


Dream by Sheri Chakamian


When We Tango by Sheri Chakamian


Cha Cha Cha by Sheri Chakamian


Dancing Legs III by Sheri Chakamian


Tango Blanco by Sheri Chakamian


Green Viper by Sheri Chakamian


Pebble Beach Golf course by Sheri Chakamian


Evolution by Sheri Chakamian


Dancing Legs II by Sheri Chakamian


Salsa by Sheri Chakamian


Seduction by Sheri Chakamian


Sunshine by Sheri Chakamian


lillies by Sheri Chakamian


Simple Pleasures by Sheri Chakamian


Bordeaux by Sheri Chakamian


Opus One Caymus and Silver Oak by Sheri Chakamian


Lewis by Sheri Chakamian


Silver Oak by Sheri Chakamian


Taste of Life by Sheri Chakamian